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Film Review: Where Dez Bryant Fits in The Saints Offense

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Signing Dez Bryant might leave Saints fans and fantasy football owners with a lot of questions. Some might say that Dez is washed up, which won’t let him play against the faster, quicker, and stronger cornerbacks in the NFL. That statement might be true, but it doesn’t mean that Dez Bryant can’t be useful for the Saints.

Though Dez Bryant is a mainstay as an outside receiver, positioning him in the slot at times makes some sense for the Saints. Unmistakably, Mike Thomas is and will be the number one receiver (X receiver, outside). The current secondary receiver (Z receiver, outside) is less clear for the Saints. Rookie starter Tre’Quan Smith has performed well in that role, in large part due to his speed stretching the field vertically. Dez will see a significant portion of his snaps in Smith’s role, while he should also see some snaps as a slot receiver (inside, closest to the offensive line).  Continue reading “Film Review: Where Dez Bryant Fits in The Saints Offense”


Five Realistic Landing Spots For Ameer Abdullah

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The Lions releasing Ameer Abdullah to make room for Bruce Ellington marked the end of an era for the Lions. Gone are the days of disappointment for the Lions expecting the former second-round pick to be a star. But, Abdullah does present a solid skillset for teams in need of a running back. He’s an elusive back that works best with a zone-running scheme, which each of these five teams uses to some degree. He also presents an ability to make plays after the catch, boasting an average of 7.4 yards per reception during his four-year career.

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Film Review: How The Texans Line is Buying Deshaun Watson Time

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During the past three weeks, the Houston Texans have allowed for Deshaun Watson to be sacked a total of five times. In that same span, Watson has zero turnovers, eight touchdowns, 656 total yards, on a 66.17% completion rate. Those three games are arguably the most efficient of his career. Before, Watson had averaged 3.38 sacks and 1.38 turnovers per game, while his completion percentage remained the same at around 66 percent. Watson has gotten more acclimated to the NFL speed, but he can’t be credited for all of his improvements. Head coach Bill O’Brien and the offensive line has found ways to protect Watson.

One word to describe the Texans offensive line before their streak of newfound success would be putrid. Horrible, horrendous, terrible, non-existent, frightful, offensive, and awful would all also count. Switching rookie tackle Martinas Rankins for Kendall Lamm, while putting Julién Davenport at left tackle has been a big reason for their success. Kendall Lamm has done an excellent job at right tackle, handling Demarcus Lawrence, Calais Campbell, Cameron Wake, and Von Miller admirably. But that’s not the most significant adjustment; the use of screen passes, a rolling offensive line, extra protection, and play-action have helped masked the Texans line previous failures.

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2017 Running Back Class Has The Potential to be Legendary

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When you start voting for the 2018 pro-bowl, flip to the running back section. Names like Todd Gurley, Saquon Barkley, and Ezekiel Elliot will be obvious locks, but the 2017 draft class will overwhelm voters with the talent, and big numbers to be voted upon. Top running backs Alvin Kamara, James Connor, Christian McCaffrey, and Joe Mixon will earn top votes, but there is so much more to the crop of 2017 running backs, so much that I believe that 2017 running back can be legendary. There are two draft classes that I think could compete with the 2017 class; 1993, and 2008. In 1993 stars such as Garrison Hearst, and Jerome Bettis changed the fate of their teams. The same can be said for 2008, as Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, and Jamaal Charles headlined the class, but neither has the depth of current stars and starters that the 2017 class has.

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Film Review: Dissecting Nick Mullens’ NFL Debut

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There are only three quarterbacks in NFL history to ever throw for 250+ yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions in their NFL debut. Those quarterbacks: Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, and Nick Mullens. Of course, Tarkenton and Kelly never had the chance to play in Kyle Shanahan’s quarterback-friendly offense, nor did they ever have the opportunity to play against the porous 2018 Raiders defense. So, was it Nick Mullens that did well on Thursday Night Football, or was it a mix of the other two factors that those two all-time quarterbacks didn’t have the benefit to work with? It’s a mix of all three.

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Film Review: Assessing The Colts Improved Rushing Attack

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The last time the Colts had a running game that was at least league average was in 2005, they averaged 106.4 yards per game. Running back Edgerrin James was the lead back, as he had 1,506 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. That was 13 years ago; a lot has changed since then. The Colts starting running back, Marlon Mack was only nine years old at the time, while Andrew Luck was a sophomore at Stratford High School in Houston. Most importantly, there have been four head coaching changes in that span. In 2018, the Colts finally got it right by adding former Eagle’s offensive coordinator Frank Reich to be the head coach and to revitalize their running game. So far, that’s worked as the Colts are twelfth in the NFL in rushing yards per game with 117.6 yards per game. However, that’s not all because of Reich’s playbook. Young running backs Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins have all been huge reasons as to why the Colts can run the ball in 2018. The Colts have rebuilt the offensive line, which has done an admirable job in making Reich’s zone scheme-blocking scheme work.

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Film Review: George Kittle is Ready For Primetime

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In todays NFL there are two types of tight ends; glorified receivers, and mini offensive linemen (and of course former basketball players). On a rare occasion, there will be a player that completely changes this notion by combining those two prototypes. Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, and Greg Olsen are examples of elite tight-ends that fit both of these molds. Now it’s time to add 49ers sophomore George Kittle to that list.

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