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Film Review: Assessing The Colts Improved Rushing Attack

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The last time the Colts had a running game that was at least league average was in 2005, they averaged 106.4 yards per game. Running back Edgerrin James was the lead back, as he had 1,506 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. That was 13 years ago; a lot has changed since then. The Colts starting running back, Marlon Mack was only nine years old at the time, while Andrew Luck was a sophomore at Stratford High School in Houston. Most importantly, there have been four head coaching changes in that span. In 2018, the Colts finally got it right by adding former Eagle’s offensive coordinator Frank Reich to be the head coach and to revitalize their running game. So far, that’s worked as the Colts are twelfth in the NFL in rushing yards per game with 117.6 yards per game. However, that’s not all because of Reich’s playbook. Young running backs Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins have all been huge reasons as to why the Colts can run the ball in 2018. The Colts have rebuilt the offensive line, which has done an admirable job in making Reich’s zone scheme-blocking scheme work.

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